I'm crypto native, 20-years-old and a hard-core decentralist. I fell through the crypto rabbit hole when I was 16, first as a trader (turned a 4-figure-fund into a 6-figure-fund during high school) and then in 2018 as an entrepreneur when I founded my first company, MintFlint, social trade sharing for crypto (investors include: HyperDex and JD Kanani, CEO of Matic Network). 

I later went onto join a team I met at EthWaterloo to work towards establishing a messaging protocol on Ethereum, Convey (backed by ConsenSys Grants, $10k). We worked on this project briefly. 

I co-founded IdeaMarkets, a decentralized curation protocol. 

Currently, I am Chief Executive Unicorn at DeFiPedia, while maintaining a position on the board. I work on Operations, Marketing and Strategy, directly with the CEO. 

Studying at Simon Fraser University. A member of Dctrl. Advising Devfolio on legal startup stuff and web3.